The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum provides a variety of school and teacher programs that address national and state curriculum standards in language arts, math, music, science, social studies, and visual art. Interactive programs, workshops, lesson guides, online resources, and guided and self guided tours are offered to students and teachers, grades K-12.  Words & Music, the museum's cornerstone school program, gives students an opportunity to write song lyrics collaboratively with local professional songwriters.

Country Music History

Every stage of country's long history has left an imprint on the music. Today, country is many sounds and many styles, some as old as fiddle and bow, others as new as tomorrow's technology. A fan can hear it in the loudest venues or the quietest hollows, through the scream of electricity or the trill of acoustic steel strings. It's sung by superstars and rising stars and never-want-to-be stars. The young renew its vitality, while veteran colleagues re-teach its truths. Country music changes daily, but it always remains, as Willie Nelson said, a place where "people tell their life stories."

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