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Name Date Call Number
Roy Acuff1977 June 01OH1
Pappy Neal McCormick1975 May 25OH100
Brad McCuen1974 March 11OH101
Brad McCuen1974 May 08OH102
Brad McCuen1974 June 19OH103
Brad McCuen1975 January 27OH104
Brad McCuen1975 April 23OH105
Brad McCuen1975 April 29OH106
Brad McCuen1975 May 08OH107
Brad McCuen1975 June 03OH108
Brad McCuen1975 July 22 OH109
Randy Blake1974 June 12OH11
Brad McCuen1975 July 31OH110
Brad McCuen1975 August 11OH111
Brad McCuen1975 November 20OH112
Brad McCuen1976 February 06OH113
Brad McCuen1976 April 09OH114
Kirk McGee1973 December 18OH115
Elsie McWilliams1974 May 23OH116
Joe & Rose Lee Maphis1975 January 07OH117
Joe & Rose Lee Maphis1975 January 15OH118
Dude Martin1976 February 27OH119
Blue Sky Boys1974 May 26OH12
Frankie Marvin1975 April 01OH120
Lucky Moeller1974 November 20OH121
Patsy Montana1974 October 16OH122
Clyde Moody1974 April 02OH123
Harold Moon1974 March 23OH124
Bill Mounce1974 August 16OH125
Red Murrell1976 FebruaryOH127
Murray Nash1974 April 25OH128
Murray Nash1974 May 02OH129
Blue Sky Boys1975 MarchOH13
Murray Nash1974 May 09OH130
Murray Nash1974 May 15OH131
Murray Nash1974 June 19OH132
Murray Nash1977 September 13OH133
Ken Nelson1975 April 02OH134
Ernie Newton1974 September 24OH136
Jim Owen1977 December 20OH138
Jackie Phelps1975 December 19OH139
Pete Bontsema1977 June 30OH14
Don Pierce1974 April 26OH141
Don Pierce1974 May 03OH142
Don Pierce1974 September 25OH143
Bob Pinsonca. 1978OH144
Frances Preston1974 April 24OH145
Dot Prussman1974 June 10OH147
Dot Prussman1974 October 17OH148
Pete Pyle1974 October 02OH149
Johnny Bond1974 July 01OH15
Wade Ray1974 September 25OH151
Wade Ray1974 October 04OH152
Curly Rhodes1975 September 19OH153
Marty Robbins1975 November 26OH154
Wesley Rose1974 December 10OH155
Wesley Rose1975 March 12OH160
Wesley Rose1975 August 28OH161
Art Satherley1974 June 27OH162
Art Satherley1974 June 30OH163
Art Satherley1974 October 15OH164
Art Satherley1974 October 17OH165
Don Law and Art Satherley1974 October 18OH166
Don Law and Art Satherley1974 October 18OH166
Ramblin' Tommy Scott1976 July 28OH167
Jim Boyd1975 September 06OH17
Jack Shook1974 September 24OH170
Margie Singleton1975 November 26OH171
Jimmie Skinner1975 January 29OH172
Jimmie Skinner1975 February 05OH173
Hank Snow1975 September 22OH174
Red Sovine1975 September 03OH175
Red Sovine1975 November 03OH176
Hal Spencer1974 June 26OH177
Jack Stapp1974 May 14OH178
Gordon Stoker1974 November 22OH179
Boudleaux and Felice Bryant1975 November 19OH18
Boudleaux and Felice Bryant1975 November 19OH18
Gordon Stoker1975 February 07OH180
Joe Talbot1974 March 15OH181
Joe Talbot1974 April 30OH182
Gordon Terry1975 January 17OH183
Pappy Tipton1975 October 17OH184
Merle Travis1975 October 17OH185
Grant Turner1974 May 13OH186
Nat Vincent1975 March 28OH187
Nat Vincent1975 March 31OH188
Jimmy Wakely1974 June 25OH189
Frank Buchanan1975 June 05OH19
Wayne Walker1975 November 19OH190
Gabe Ward1975 March 31OH191
Tess White1974 June 11OH192
Speedy West1974 November 18OH193
Ray Whitley & Wesley Rose1974 May 13OH194
Ray Whitley & Wesley Rose1974 May 13OH194
Ray Whitley1974 May 10OH195
Ray & Kay Whitley1974 July 01OH196
Ray & Kay Whitley1975 March 30OH197
Little Roy Wiggins1974 April 25OH198
Little Roy Wiggins1974 May 09OH199
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