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Name Date Call Number
Roy Acuff and David Stone1983 May 25OH426
Roy Acuff1972 October 10OH276
Roy Acuff1977 June 01OH1
Stanley Adams1980 March 13OHC378
Paul Adler1980 March OHC380
Pat Alger1995 August 17OHC1
Rosalie Allen1976 February 24OH3
Rosalie Allen1999 June 25OHC2
Joe Allison1994 May 26OHC5
Joe Allison1994 July 28OHC13
Joe Allison1994 March 15OHC3
Joe Allison1994 May 25OHC4
Joe Allison1994 May 27OHC6
Joe Allison1994 June 01OHC7
Joe Allison1994 June 02OHC8
Joe Allison1994 June 03OHC9
Joe Allison1994 June 06OHC10
Joe Allison1994 June 07OHC11
Joe Allison1994 July 22OHC12
Joe Allison1994 August 12OHC14
Bill Anderson1969 June 16OH279
Charlie Arnett1983 June 04OHC15
Eddy Arnold1991 MayOHC16
Eddy Arnold2000 September 12OHC397
Eddy Arnold2002 July 01OHC413
Leon Ashley1975 December 9OH4
Jesse Ashlock1974 November 17OH5
Jesse Ashlock1971 June 16OH442
Bob Atcher1974 June 10OH6
Bob Atcher1974 June 11OH7
Bob Atcher1987 May 01OHC17
Bob Atcher1987 May 02OHC18
Randy Atcher1988 November 06 OHC19
Randy Atcher1989 February 10OHC20
Randy Atcher1991 July 19OHC21
Chet Atkins1992 September 18OHC22
Chet Atkins1977 July 05OH474
Jim Atkins1975 MarchOH8
Kyle Bailes1980 July 19OHC202
Bailes Brothers1983 June 09OHC201
Bob Baker1985 December 04OHC25
Bob Baker1992 May 12OHC26
Al Ballinger1985 December 03OHC28
Alcyone Bate Beasley1970 March 05OH284
Alcyone Bate Beasley1974 May 10OH9
Richard Bennett1992 April 16OH212
George C. Biggar1968 July 17OH285
Larry Black1989 January 31OHC30
Larry Black1989 March 01OHC31
Rick Blackburn1985 November 22OHC32
Norman Blake1974 January 11OH513
Randy Blake1974 June 12OH11
Ralph Blizard1988 November 11OHC33
Blue Sky Boys1974 May 26OH12
Blue Sky Boys1974 JulyOH287
Blue Sky Boys1975 MarchOH13
Johnny Bond1968 July 15OH288
Johnny Bond1974 July 01OH15
Pete Bontsema1977 June 30OH14
Jimmy Bowen1985 November 27OHC34
Jimmy Bowen1992 February 19OH213
Jim Boyd1975 September 06OH17
Harold Bradley1991 May 14OHC35
Harold Bradley1974 January 17OH514
Harold Bradley1988 September 15OHC36
Harold Bradley1988 September 28OHC37
Owen Bradley1993OHC38
Paul Broome1990 August 21OHC39
Lavonne Smith Brown1987 May 15OHC41
Lavonne Smith Brown1987 May 14OHC40
Tony Brown1987 October 27OHC42
Jann Browne1992 February 14OH214
Vin Bruce and Leroy Martin1986 March 07OHC43
Boudleaux and Felice Bryant1983 March 26OHC44
Boudleaux and Felice Bryant1975 November 19OH18
Boudleaux and Felice Bryant1983 March 26OHC44
Boudleaux and Felice Bryant1975 November 19OH18
Boudleaux Bryant1983 May 12OHC71
Frank Buchanan1975 June 05OH19
Goober Buchanan1976 January 22OH20
Goober Buchanan1976 January 26OH21
Goober Buchanan1976 January 28OH22
Goober Buchanan1976 January 29OH23
Goober Buchanan1976 January 30OH24
Goober Buchanan1976 February 02OH25
Goober Buchanan1976 February 03OH26
Goober Buchanan1976 February 04OH27
Jim Bulleit1983 May 04OHC46
Jim Bulleit1976 February 10OH28
Jim Bulleit1983 May 09OHC47
Dwight Butcher1969 July 28OH290
Jerry Byrd1988 October 24OHC48
Jimmy Byrd1986 August 15OHC49
Bill Callahan1979 January 04OHC50
Archie Campbell1968 February 01OH292
Cecil Campbell1982 September 07OHC51
Carlisle Brothers1968 September 18OH294
Bill Carlisle1976 February 18OH29
Cliff Carlisle1967 September 21OH296
Cliff Carlisle1974 July 11OH30
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