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Name Date Call Number
Red Foley1967 November 04OH315
Red Family Members Foley1989 October 16OHC341
Frank Fontaine1968 May 04OH55
Mel Foree1974 July 29OH58
Mel Foree1974 April 30OH57
Howdy Forrester1974 September 26OH61
Hank Fort1966 January 12OH520
Fred Foster2000 November 15OHC399
Fred Foster2000 November 29OHC398
Foster & Lloyd1987 November 23OHC117
Curly Fox1986 May 18OHC118
Curly Fox1986 May 19OHC119
Curly Fox1986 July 10OHC120
Cleve Francis1995 December 29OHC121
Tillman Franks1980 August 13OHC122
Tillman Franks1988 September 13OHC123
Tillman Franks1990 March 08OHC124
Lefty Frizzellca. 1964OH452
Joe Galante1985 November 15OHC125
Jim Gaskin1985 December 05OHC45
Connie B. Gay1974 October 18OH62
Don Gibson1979 June 20OH521
Lynn Gillespie1987 October 28OHC351
Girls of the Golden West1988 November 04OHC368
Artie Glenn1975 July 17OH64
Henry Glover1983 February 15OHC127
Henry Glover1983 March 01OHC128
Henry Glover1983 March 14OHC129
Henry Glover1990 April 26OHC131
Henry Glover1990 April 25OHC130
Tommy Goldsmith1987 November 23OHC352
Marshall Grant1988 May 25OHC353
J.T. Gray1988 April 12OHC354
Lucy Gray1990 October 02OHC132
Lloyd Green1973 December 12OH65
Lloyd Green1975 January 06OH66
Douglas B. Green1993 November 23OHC133
Joe Grieshop1982 October 14OHC134
Doc Guidry1983 April 11OHC135
Tom T. Hall1969 July 22OH322
Stuart Hamblen1986 May 30OHC138
Stuart Hamblen1974OH68
George Hamilton IV1985 November 01OHC139
George Hamilton IV1991 June 27OHC140
Fiddlin' Sid Harkreader1986 May 08OHC141
Fiddlin' Sid Harkreader1986 May 12OHC142
Emmylou Harris1992 February 14OH230
Ina Harris & Bill Vandervort1980 December 04OHC240
Freddie Hart1976 February 17OH69
John Hartford1972 October 17OH490
John Hartford1972 October 19OH491
John Hartford1972 November 17OH492
John Hartford1972 November 18OH493
Carl Haverlin & Russell Sanjek1979 June 07OHC390
Carl Haverlin & Russell Sanjek1974 August 23OH71
Carl Haverlin & Russell Sanjek1979 June 06OHC389
Don Helms1991 May 29OHC143
Kent Henderson1995 August 08OHC356
Ann Lair Henderson1985 December 06OHC144
Ann Lair Henderson1986 June 27OHC145
Bobby Hicks1994 March 25OHC357
Johnny Hicks1995 March 03OHC358
Red Hicks1974 May 29OH72
Tommy Hill1995 October 24OHC146
Ed Hines1981 February 12OHC147
Bruce Hinton1992 February 19OH231
Whitey & Hogan1982 November 05OHC324
Whitey & Hogan1982 November 24OHC325
Clent Holmes1997 August 13OHC148
Doc Hopkins1974 June 11OH74
Harlan Howard1978 DecemberOHC385
Harlan Howard1991 June 25OHC149
Jan Howard1991 May 23OHC150
Paul Howard1975 June 16OH75
Everett Hull1968 March 12OH325
Uncle Buster Irish1971 September 16OH328
Bud Isaacs1989 May 09OHC363
William "Bill" Ivey1983 March 18OHC153
William "Bill" Ivey1983 March 08OHC151
William "Bill" Ivey1983 April 12OHC152
William "Bill" Ivey1983 June 21OHC154
William "Bill" Ivey1983 July 18OHC155
Shot Jackson1975 November 05OH76
Stonewall Jackson1968 March 18OH329
Tommy Jackson1976 February 18OH77
Thomas J. Jamison1982 September 07OHC156
Thomas J. Jamison1982 November 23OHC157
Joe Johnson1992 June 16OHC168
Joe Johnson1992 June 02OHC166
Joe Johnson1992 January 30OHC159
Joe Johnson1992 January 31OHC160
Joe Johnson1992 February 14OHC161
Joe Johnson1992 April 03OHC162
Joe Johnson1992 May 05OHC163
Joe Johnson1992 May 19OHC164
Joe Johnson1992 May 29OHC165
Joe Johnson1992 June 04OHC167
Ted Johnson1976 December 29OH79
Grandpa and Ramona Jones1975 March 10OH393
Lee Jones Prem & Kennedy Jones Jr.1988 November 04OHC233
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