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Name Date Call Number
Tex Justus1970 May 15OH330
Moonshine Kate1985 November 22OHC169
Merle Kilgore1975 November 13OH80
D Kilpatrick1995 September 26OHC360
D Kilpatrick1974 June 17OH81
D Kilpatrick1975 February 25OH82
D Kilpatrick1995 June 22OHC359
D Kilpatrick1995 October 16OHC361
D Kilpatrick1986 October 02OHC362
Bradley Kincaid1967 November 02OH332
Bradley Kincaid1974 July 10OH83
Pee Wee King1984 November 01OHC170
Pee Wee King1974 March 08OH85
Pee Wee King1975 October 14OH86
Pee Wee King1994 November 12OHC173
Pee Wee King1984 November 02OHC171
Pee Wee King1985 July 24OHC172
Fred Kirby1982 November 24OHC175
Jimmy Kish1975 September 05OH87
Amy Kurland1987 November 06OHC365
Helen McCollum Landgraf1998 November 03OHC174
John Lasseter2001 February 02OHC417
Don Law1975 May 14OH89
Don Law and Art Satherley1974 October 18OH166
Ernie Lee1976 February 25OH90
Kyle Lehning1987 November 13OHC176
Light Crust Doughboys1999 March 24OHC371
Reg Lindsay1978 June 29OH91
Foster & Lloyd1987 November 23OHC117
Lonzo & Oscar1984 April 06OHC301
Lonzo & Oscar1978OH522
Lonzo & Oscar1983 November 21OHC302
Lonzo & Oscar1983 December 09OHC299
Lonzo & Oscar1984 March 30OHC300
Bobby Lord1969 October 01OH92
John Loudermilk1976 January 30OH93
Charlie Louvin1972 January 11OH338
Charlie Louvin1977 November 30OH94
Charlie Louvin1986 December 05OHC177
Charlie Louvin1987 May 27OHC366
Frank Luther1971 May 18OH418
Frank Luther1971 May 18OH417
Loretta Lynn1968 February 24OH339
Rose Maddox1985 January 25OHC178
J.E. Mainer1968 October 26OH342
Manuel1989 January 11OHC180
Joe & Rose Lee Maphis1975 January 07OH117
Joe & Rose Lee Maphis1975 January 15OH118
Paul Marks1980 March 14OHC377
Jimmy Martin1993 December 16OHC182
Benny Martin1977 July 12OH345
Dude Martin1976 February 27OH119
Vin Bruce and Leroy Martin1986 March 07OHC43
Emory & Linda Lou Martin1985 December 06OHC105
Frankie Marvin1975 April 01OH120
Kathy Mattea1992 February 17OH237
Leon McAuliffe1969 August 19OH340
Pappy Neal McCormick1988 September 12OHC185
Pappy Neal McCormick1975 May 25OH100
Brad McCuen1974 March 11OH101
Brad McCuen1975 July 31OH110
Brad McCuen1974 May 08OH102
Brad McCuen1974 June 19OH103
Brad McCuen1975 January 27OH104
Brad McCuen1975 April 23OH105
Brad McCuen1975 April 29OH106
Brad McCuen1975 May 08OH107
Brad McCuen1975 June 03OH108
Brad McCuen1975 July 22 OH109
Brad McCuen1975 August 11OH111
Brad McCuen1975 November 20OH112
Brad McCuen1976 February 06OH113
Brad McCuen1976 April 09OH114
Brad McCuen1988 April 08OHC186
Dick McCullough1996 October 24OHC187
Reba McEntire1992 February 17OH235
Kirk McGee1973 December 18OH115
Elsie McWilliams1974 May 23OH116
Mitch Miller1983 February 24 OHC189
Lucky Moeller1974 November 20OH121
Charlie Monroe1972 September 01OH501
Charlie Monroe1972 September 03OH502
Bill Monroe1993 November 11OHC191
Bill Monroe1993 November 18OHC192
Bill Monroe1993 December 09OHC193
Bill Monroe1994 January 06OHC194
Patsy Montana1967 October 22OH348
Patsy Montana1974 October 16OH122
Patsy Montana1984 June 09OHC195
Patsy Montana1985 August 30OHC196
Patsy Montana1985 September 02OHC197
Marvin Montgomery1988 June 17OHC198
Clyde Moody1974 April 02OH123
Harold Moon1974 March 23OH124
Bob Moore1996 February 23OHC199
Scotty Moore1973 November 29OH524
George Morgan1975 May 13OH395
Lorrie Morgan1992 February 13OH240
Royce Morgan1997 March 28OHC183
Bill Mounce1974 August 16OH125
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